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Welcome to the Strong Sam Beer Page! We are a couple of brewmasters who have been making delicious homebrew since March of 1997, and in doing so, we have redefined the art of beermaking. We came up with the first-ever cybertastings of Strong Sam, or any beer. We even wrote a bunch of phony testimonials to demonstrate the appeal of our beers. What's real, though, is the media coverage we got on a Toledo, OH radio station. Even though one of the brewmasters has moved to San Francisco, (he has a page like this now), we still collaborate to create the world's finest beers showcased here. So, meet the brewmasters and enjoy this site. If you have any comments or questions about this website, e-mail either one of us.

This page was last updated May 25, 1998

Meet the Brewmasters!

Grant Cummings
  • Likes Indian food 
  • Played French Horn 
  • Bought the new "Bugs Bunny" stamps 
  • Is a member of the "Asia" fan club 
  • Owns a breadmaker 
  • Distant cousin of Ballistic Larry
  • e-mail: G
Moss Gross
  • Speaks conversational Icelandic 
  • Likes Thai food 
  • Owned a Geo Metro 
  • Toledo Mud Hens Season Ticket Holder 
  • Taught high school math in Richmond, CA 
  • Saw the movie "Spice World" 
  • e-mail:


A cybertasting is an event whereby beer is tasted through the wonder of the internet. This is a concept developed by Strong Sam, and never duplicated by anyone else, ever! There have been two cybertastings so far:


Brewed with Care
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