February 20, 2005


Ummmmmmmmmm, so at the half time of the NBA All-Star Game they have some "entertainment." LeeAnn Rimes was cute and her song, while very boring, wasn't bad. But right now there's this band on called "Big and Rich" and, well, they suck! What REALLY sucks about them is they have a little person on stage with them wearing a fuzzy orange hat and dancing with his two canes. Does a midget make for an entertaining half time show?? I think not. It's just all really disturbing....REALLY disturbing!!

I ran into Julie Henson at Cedar Creek last night. :-) That was kind of cool.


Julie Henson.... Without her, I wouldn't have gotten hired at GCI. She was the only one who responded to my repeated resume submissions. lol

Uhm, that's quite an odd combo for the NBA... maybe they did that because there isn't a "halftime" in NASCAR?

And how the hell is ol' Jules?! Crikey, I sure do miss that beeeee-otch.

Jules was almost un-recognizable... her hair was shorter and darker, she was a little smaller than the last time I'd seen her... it was funny, almost surreal. She walked up to me with a big smile on her face but never said a word... I knew who she was, but couldn't place her for a few seconds... then she pulled out some ID badge that said "JULIE" on it... lol... I didn't get to talk much, but hopefully I'll catch up with her again. She told me she won "A ton of money" at a casino... hahahah..